The company is based in the city of Argos, was founded in 1990 under the name of PROFIT SA and is active in the distribution groceries. The foundation of the company was the vision of the local food sellers in the region and the current president.

The managers of the company saw early that the traditional form of the grocery store purchases per individual was unable to cope with the increasing competition from national SUPER MARKET chains that since the early 90s began to flood the province.

The company was founded with the sole aim to support the local market and shops of its shareholders. The aggregate market quickly brought results and the stores as company members were able with their own strengths to effectively stand in front of the growing competition.

The objectives of the company have not changed in nearly 25 years which has evolved into a modern commercial distribution network & 'CASH & CARRY'. The course in these years was difficult but we consider it successful, so it is worth to mention some critical facts:

  • 1996: Company joined to the group PEKAS COOP and renamed to "ENOTIKI COOP PROFIT SA".
  • 1997: The massive influx of new members and the rapid increase in turnover has created the need to build a new warehouse with a total area of ​​4,000 sqm.
  • 2001: Participation in the establishment of the new group of Greek Food Coop Inc.
  • 2002: Change of name to "ELLINIKI DIATROFI PELOPONISOY S.A. KERDOS".
  • 2004: The company's joined the Greek Diet warehouse network and business expanded throughout the Peloponnese in order to better serve the members of the group in the region.
  • 2006: Creation of storage infrastructure and distribution of radiator species to fully meet the needs of our members feed.
  • 2008: Start of imports of representation and distribution of products from the European Union.

The company currently lists 90 members and charges 200 customers as non members. The 20-member staff performs about 40 orders per day. The warehouse can serve customers with the "Cash & Carry" method, in a comfortable and friendly environment and with free delivery of orders with mixed cargo owned trucks, refrigerator - freezer and dry cargo.

Every month we distribute wholesale brochure for our customers. We undertake the setup and feed of those of our customers who want to engage in the retail brochure created for the Unitarian Coop CENTER SA, ( in coordination with the brochures department.

Our business area covers the entire Peloponnese. The company with a large radius of action covers the needs of members of the Greek Food Coop SA in private label products regardless of quantity.